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We believe everyone deserves better hearing. We focus on individualized patient care, allowing you to find the best solution for your hearing loss. You deserve quality hearing care from a compassionate expert who is dedicated to helping you hear your best. At Central Alabama Audiology, we have the expertise and patient-centric attitude to help you overcome hearing loss.

Central Alabama Audiology is a locally owned practice, offering comprehensive hearing healthcare to Selma and the surrounding areas. We respect each of our patients and are dedicated to serving the hearing needs of our community. When you come to our independent practice, you will be treated with the respect you deserve.

Why Choose Central Alabama Audiology?

Our staff is dedicated to providing our patients with quality and compassionate care so they can feel comfortable coming to see us. Because we are independently owned and operated, our office is small and welcoming. Our audiologist believes in building relationships with her patients, so she will always come out and greet you before taking you in for your appointment.

At Central Alabama Audiology, we understand your time is important. Our team works efficiently together so you won’t have to wait to experience better hearing. We always treat our patients with kindness and respect. Our patients trust us with their hearing healthcare, and even refer us to their family and friends. The best compliment we can receive is for our patients to be satisfied and trust us enough to help their loved ones. Our patient-centered values and commitment to providing quality hearing care sets us apart from other hearing specialists in Alabama.

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Your First Appointment

When you come to Central Alabama Audiology you’ll be greeted by our friendly front staff. We value your time, so you’ll never wait long before our audiologist comes out to greet you and bring you back for your appointment.

  1. Our audiologist will bring you to the testing room where she will have a conversation with you about your hearing.
  2. Then she will look inside your ears to check for any earwax build-up and to make sure everything looks healthy. She will then perform the hearing evaluation. The hearing evaluation does not take long and is painless.
  3. After your hearing test our audiologist will take you next door to her office, where you can comfortably talk to her about your hearing and go over your results.
  4. We will then go over your options for hearing aids and depending on your type and degree of hearing loss our audiologist will make a recommendation that will fit your lifestyle and hearing needs.
  5. We offer demos of hearing aids so you can try them out before making a decision. Even if you’re ready to purchase hearing aids, our audiologist likes you to take the demo hearing aids home so you can be positive that they are right for you.
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