5 Tips for Better Hearing During the Holidays

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The holidays are meant to be a time of joy and reconnecting, but if you have hearing loss, it can also be stressful. You may spend more time with friends and family, at social gatherings, and in noisy environments than you usually frequent. Although the holidays are filled with fun festivities, they can be a challenge if your hearing loss makes socializing difficult.

Learn five useful tips on how you can hear better this holiday season, so you don't miss out on a precious moment with your loved ones.

Tips for Better Hearing

  1. Wear Hearing Aids: Hearing aids are designed to provide you with the proper amplification to hear and with the clarity to understand conversation. Be sure to wear your hearing aids this holiday season so you don't miss out with your children and grandchildren.
  2. Find a Good Seat: If you are attending a family dinner, where you sit at the table is important. Find a seat at the table where you have a good view of everyone's faces. This will make it easier to follow the conversation.
  3. Reduce Background Noise: Background noise makes it harder for anyone to hear, even those with normal hearing. Try to find a spot away from any background noise. You can also ask the host to turn the volume down on the TV or the music. Although hearing aids can help by reducing background noise, finding a quieter spot to talk will help you hear better.
  4. Talk to the Host: Whether you are visiting a family member's house or a friend's home, don't be afraid to talk to the host beforehand. Explain how they can help you, either by saving you a specific seat at the dinner table or controlling the noise levels. Most people will be happy to help.
  5. Have Your Hearing Checked: If it has been some time since you last had your hearing checked, then consider making an appointment before the holidays. A hearing evaluation will let you know where your hearing is at, if your hearing loss has worsened, and if your hearing aids are performing optimally for you.

Be Proactive This Season

Don't let hearing loss keep you from reconnecting with your loved ones. Try these tips and see if they help you hear better this holiday season. The best tip you can follow is to wear your hearing aids as much as possible. They will help you hear the conversation, can reduce background noise, and can give you the confidence to engage with others.

If you need a hearing aid check before the holidays, call us today. We can look at your hearing aids and ensure they are performing their best for you. If it has been awhile since you've had your hearing evaluated, we can check that too. Be proactive this holiday season and schedule your appointment for a hearing evaluation or hearing aid check-up today.